Cocktails Gin USA

It’s 9am. To early for gin? Think again.


The bottle: Few Spirits Breakfast Gin, $40 USD

The back story: Sure, we might enjoy a sip of Champagne or a vodka-based cocktail like a Bloody Mary with our brunch. But who has a swig of gin with their morning meal?

Apparently, the folks at Few Spirits, a craft distiller in Illinois, thought it was an idea worth trying. They rolled out their Breakfast Gin as a limited-release product in early 2016 — it was available only at the distillery. But it quickly caught on. Now, it’s among the company’s top-three sellers and Few expects sales of the gin will easily double this year to at least 20,000 bottles.

So what makes a gin breakfast-worthy? Well, gin is all about the botanicals — meaning the herbs, spices and such that flavor the spirit. For the Breakfast Gin, Few kept it simple in that the botanicals are limited to juniper (a must for gin,) lemon peel and Earl Grey tea. And yes, it’s the tea that makes this a “morning” sip. “It’s an easy-drinking gin that can ease you into your day,” says Few founder Paul Hletko.

What we think about it: This is indeed pleasant gin — not as crisp as your traditional dry style but not overly floral or fruity as some new-school versions.

How to enjoy it: The Few team says the Breakfast Gin works well in a host of brunch-friendly cocktails, including a Bloody Mary. Hletko notes. “There’s no reason you can’t drink Breakfast Gin any time of day,” he says. And who are we to disagree?


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